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Research and Data Analysis

The society emphasizes the importance of research in the field of headaches. Members of the BHS are skilled in conducting scientific investigations, surveys, and studies related to headaches.

Education and Awareness

We are experienced in conducting educational programs, seminars, workshops, and public lectures to increase awareness about different types of headaches, their causes, symptoms, and available treatment options.

Professional Development

They organize conferences, symposiums, and training programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, keeping them updated with the latest advancements in headache management and treatment.

Community Outreach

This includes engaging with schools, workplaces, and community centers to provide education, promote early diagnosis, and encourage appropriate management strategies for individuals affected by headaches.

The Bangladesh Headache Society (BHS) is a professional organization dedicated to the study, research, and management of headaches and related disorders in Bangladesh. Founded by a group of healthcare professionals with a common interest in headache disorders, the society aims to improve the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of headaches among healthcare practitioners and the general population.


The goal of the Bangladesh Headache Society is to improve the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of headaches in Bangladesh through education, research, and advocacy.


The objective of the Bangladesh Headache Society is to enhance the quality of life for individuals suffering from headaches by promoting awareness, providing specialized care, and fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals.

The society organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, and training programs to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to exchange knowledge and expertise in the field of headaches. These events feature renowned national and international experts who share their insights, research findings, and clinical experiences, contributing to the professional development of the attendees.


One of the achievements of the Bangladesh Headache Society is establishing a comprehensive headache care network across the country, ensuring accessible and specialized treatment options for headache sufferers.


With years of experience, the Bangladesh Headache Society has successfully conducted numerous educational programs, workshops, and conferences, empowering healthcare professionals and raising awareness about headache disorders in the community.



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